Casa “Le tre Muse” breathes the arts

The Muses are considered the source of knowledge, embodied in the three arts in ancient Greek culture. Music and visual arts are two of them, I would add the art of the Italian kitchen!

Being a musician, I experience myself how Deruta and the surrounding landscape are a source of inspiration.
I invite you to take Deruta as a base to visit the most beautiful cities of Italy and to discover the green centre of Italy: Umbria.
Culture, history and nature go hand-in-hand: Assisi, Perugia, Trasimeno Lake, Monti Sibillini with the Pian Grande... You can read more below.


Your host, Onno Verschoor


  • Deruta +


    The origins of the town go back to ancient times. When Perugia conquered the territory in the 12th century, Deruta was transformed into a border fortress to defend Perugia against Todi and other potential enemies, but by the 13th century Deruta had its own statute and governed itself independently. The 14th and 15th centuries were periods of great upheavals with alternating dominations, destruction and large-scale plagues. Domination by the Baglioni family from Perugia in 1500 was the start of the reconstruction of most of the town and meant that Deruta was able to rise from its ashes.

  • Cities and “borghi” +

    Cities and “borghi”
    Hilltop towns

    The villages, “borghi”, of Umbria are small splendid masterpieces on a human scale: squares, castles, churches, bell towers, landscapes, festivals, typical products and unique stories.

    Along with Deruta, there are many towns which belong to the so-called “Borghi più belli d'Italia”. Everybody knows the famous, monumental cities Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio and Orvieto. Here I name a few gems to visit during your stay in Casa “Le tre Muse”. But every “borgo” in the surroundings is worthwhile a visit.

  • Umbria and history +

    Umbria and history
    Il cuore verde d'Italia

    In literature, Umbria is referred to as Il cuore verde d'Italia or The green heart of Italy. The phrase is taken from a poem by Giosuè Carducci, the subject of which is the source of the Clitunno River in Umbria.

    Umbria is an untouched, luscious paradise, with only countryside surroundings and no interloping of other country borders or the coast. It is admired as a tranquil version of the beautiful and charming region of Tuscany and has become a desired destination for those seeking something unique.

  • Mountains and lake +

    Mountains and lake
    Monti Sibillini and Pian Grande

    The Monti Sibillini is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy nestled between Umbria and Le Marche. The national park of the Sibillini is dotted with medieval hamlets, gorgeous forests and stunning panoramas. Here, you won’t find hordes of tourists like in other regions of Italy, so there is no better reason to discover this magical and low-key area of the country.

    One of the best things to do in the park is to reach Mount Sibilla and ask the locals about the ancient legend of the area. Sibilla has been known since the Middle Ages as a land of fairies, demons and magic linked to the Prophetess Sibyl, who is said to have lived in the homonymous mount.

  • Oil and wine +

    Oil and wine
    Olive oil tradition

    In Umbria, the Olive Oil tradition has very ancient origins. It is supposed that the Etruscans were the first to start the cultivation of the olive tree, which developed largely during the Roman Empire, when many patricians chose the Umbrian lands as their country villas.

    Traditionally, olives are harvested either by hand or with the help of a shaker, then washed and crushed within the next 12 hours. The extraction is carried out with a continuous oil mill, called a "frantoio". Umbrian oil makes up only about two percent of Italy’s olive oil production but wins a far larger proportion of awards.

  • More resources +

    Umbria Tourism

    This is the official website of the Umbria Region for tourism. It contains a vast overview of cultural places, villages, religious sites and UNESCO heritage in the whole region. Find events, experiences, excursions, hand-crafts, nature parks and much more. You can plan your trip here and find out how to get around and move in Umbria and create your itinerary through the Umbrian wonders.

    I Borghi più belli d'Italia

    This Association selects a tourist network of excellence, composed of towns appearing under a common brand name and logo, whose activity in tourist welcoming, maintenance and development is continuously monitored. Deruta is listed in this network. On their website you will find, besides an overview of the “Borghi più belli”, events, experiences and a guide.

    Exploring Umbria

    Exploring Umbria offers by simple digital means, a choice of experiences and activities that can be enjoyed in Umbria. They stand out for their high traditional and regional value. Just have a look and be amazed by the vast choice!

    Visit Deruta

    Official website of the Deruta Tourist Information Office. Here, you can find information about the history, the museums, the traditional majolica ceramics, the restaurants and other tourist attractions of the town.

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